The Story Behind Southworks Antiques:

It began more than 25 years ago!

It was the spirit of adventure that opened a small antique shop with less than 15 dealers in the historic, stone buildings along the Grand River that was once home to Babcock and Wilcox call the ‘Southworks’.  It was a vision that grew it to over 35,000 sq. ft. and 100+ dealers.

At the end of 2016, we received notice that our stunning historic building was sold to developers with plans to adapt it to living space.  With determined optimism and dedication from our staff and dealers, Southworks Antiques moved across the river to 73 Water St. N. retaining our name and our singular identity.  A newer building, completely renovated and re-constructed to serve our specific needs, it is a beautiful venue filled with light and we are enjoying its many conveniences.  The space is all on one level and it was big enough that we could accommodate all of our dealers plus a few more, expanding us to over 35,000 sq. ft.  It is a perfect backdrop for the strong mix of antiques and collectibles that is Southworks’ reputation.

Since 1993, Southworks Antiques has contributed props to various movie sets and television series.  Customers have fed their passion for history, art, nostalgia and the unusual.  We have furnished the homes of families and the lobbies of prestigious hotels as far away as Korea.  Our customers come from all over the world and right next door.

We hope you will visit – join the adventure of the next 25 years !